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My fabric creations include textile art pieces that incorporate polymer clay, stone, and twig accents, as well as items for everyday use.

I like to think of my handsewn fabric items as “practical art.” The items we use every day can (and, in my opinion, should) reflect our personalities and bring us joy! I have lovingly built a huge stash of unique fabrics in colorful, quirky, patterns, which I use to make a wide range of items including:

  • Crossbody bags
  • Jewelry pouches
  • Fabric vase covers
  • Hanger safes
  • Cosmetic bags
  • Tote bags (lined; with inside zipped pocket)
  • Pickleball baddle bovers
  • Backpacks (lined; some with inside zipped pocket)
  • Wine bottle backets
  • Wine boasters
  • Tissue box covers
  • Microwave cozies
  • Visors
  • Web bags
  • Fabric bins
  • Wristlets (lined; some with key clasps)

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